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With over 25 years proven experience as a qualified Marketing Professional, Roslyn Whately, founder of creative excellence, is driven by a passion to see businesses succeed.

With a unique blend of specialist knowledge, experience and creativity, Roslyn’s strength lies in her ability to decipher the ever-increasing complexities of the marketing landscape to bring strategy, relevance and clarity to the business decision table.

Boasting a portfolio of brand and business achievements that span across a number of decades and industry sectors, her mission to champion the real cause of effective marketing has positioned her alongside a number of leading global, national and local brands.

As a full time, wife, mother and business leader, Roslyn understands the value of every micro moment and is not afraid of getting her hands dirty when it comes to taking difficult challenges head on.

A long-time advocate for all things’ advertising’ Roslyn’s ability to remain relevant through the explosion of the digital era makes her a valuable 21st century business consultant.

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