Disruptive times call for difficult decisions to be made from effective leaders, who in the midst of the same fear and uncertainty rise to the occasion with quick and effective strategic directives, delivered through clear, open and honest communication.

With the very breath that sustains our existence under attack by the global outbreak of the Coronavirus and the economic outlook in crisis, it’s fair to say that the challenge that we all face, in business and in life, is knowing how to give effective leadership through uncertainty.

Not every good leader has what it takes to be a great leader during difficult times. In today’s insight we take a brief yet fitting look at 7 key attributes that sets an effective leader apart during pandemic uncertainty.

7 Attributes of an effective leader?


Effective leaders recognise that surviving a crisis takes a marathon effort.

Despite the speedy devastation lashed out across the globe, the road back to what many of us lovingly refer to as ‘business as normal’ is going to be a very long and complex one.

With no ‘quick fix’ solution at the ready, being an effective leader at this time comes with an understanding that to get to the other end of this lengthy marathon, we are going to need a healthy dose of optimism, consistency, motivation, stability, perspective and discipline.

As years turn to decades, well documented heroes of the global pandemic will be those who that kept their eyes firmly placed on the end goal and who took on every unexpected challenge with a consistent determination for success.


Effective leaders recognise the power of a united approach.

If the current climate has shown us anything about human nature, it is the true value of relationships and the importance of social interactions.

As even hostile nations have joined forces against the deadly impact of COVID-19, we have seen the rise of solidarity from global leaders who recognize the strength of a unity approach.

Bigger than any one nation, organisation or business leader, the road back to economic stability is going to hinge on the collective shoulders of leaders who value collaboration just as much as competition. Leaders who respect and give motion to the voice and ideas of their people.

Effective leaders know how to handle the truth.

At no other time other than in the middle of a crisis does it seem conceivable for a leader to openly admit that they do not have all the answers.

Exposing vulnerability has never been a strategy employed to build great leaders, yet it seems that some of the most impacting leaders to date through COVID-19 have been those, who through their own vulnerability, openly presented hope through the lens of uncertainty.

In the midst of fear, speculation and insecurity it seems that honesty and authenticity is the best policy. Good news or bad, as humanity we all have a need for honest upfront, facts and this need is even more heightened during a crisis.

Effective leaders go first.

In an era when digital communication is at an all-time high, even the most important and critical information regarding COVID-19 can seem blah blah blah….as each day rolls into the next and complacency begins to blur the lines between hype and truth.

When words come easy and popular sentiment sets the scene for global speculations, effective leaders are those who can communicate clearly and effectively through their own behaviours and role modelling.

Effective leaders are visible during times of uncertainty, with their sleeves rolled up  in the front line modelling a healthy level of self-care as they tackle difficult situations and provide guidance across all stakeholder channels.

Effective leaders see the silver lining.

Faced with both a health and an economic crisis, it is fair to say that life as we know it, will never be the same again.

While we are all desperately longing for life to ‘return to normal’, effective leaders recognise that the road to success lies in our ability to plan beyond the current set of circumstances towards a future that is brighter.

Armed with an inner resilience and determination to succeed, effective leaders through COVID-19 are recognising the opportunities to elevate creativity and productivity within their teams. As necessity gives way to new innovations, effective leaders are reinventing ‘business as usual’ for positive long-term outcomes.

Effective leaders have time on their hands.

Timing has always been an important factor in everything we do in life and even more so during this global pandemic.

As humanity eagerly awaits a vaccination for COVID-19 to take us through to the other side of this life altering season, effective leaders recognise that this ‘mystical’ end goal is not an event but more importantly a journey of preparedness.

Navigating through a pandemic takes time and ultimately, it’s what we do with this time that will determine how successful we are moving forward. The first to hit the ground running, effective leaders are those  with deliberate and strategic insights who have already set a new pace of decision making and communication that can withstand the challenging twists and turns ahead.

Effective leaders aren’t afraid to speak.

At a time when all of humanity is experiencing some level of crisis, empathy for our fellow man is critical when setting the tone for impacting communication.

While it may seem that all the world is singing the same song, effective leaders are recognising the importance of maintaining timely, relevant and clear messaging across all of their stakeholders.

The more the boundaries of life continue to shift the greater our need for clarity, guidance and leadership that is simple, concise and above all else true.

Effective leaders not only recognise the value of honest and timely communication but more importantly they continue to foster open channels of communication to ensure that their people are given the opportunity to contribute.

Looking to become a more effective leader?

At creative excellence, we understand the uncertainties that all executives and brand managers are facing at this moment and recognise the need for a calm and well-informed strategic reaction.

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