roslyn whately




 Integrated Marketing Specialist


Extensive marketing successes pre and post the digital transformation explosion, builds sustainable brands and achieves business success.


Specialist sector experience and a high level of creativity and abstract thinking drives the development of strategic business solutions.


A healthy appreciateion and value for clients time and resources produces smarter more efficient processes and outcomes.

business & marketing consulting

Strategy, Solution, Success

Every brand, regardless of success, life cycle and marketing position, will at some stage hit a road block or reach a plateau.

Roslyn’s speciality is working with organisations who are passionate for achieving sustainable success and willing to identify and implement the strategic marketing solutions needed to drive their next level of growth.

As an independent consultant, Roslyn provides an unbiased business service that releases valuable insights into both real and perceived data surrounding a brands current market position and its potential for expansion.

More than just analytics and impressive industry statistics, creative intelligence and strategic solutions are customised to meet business specific growth plans. Ultimately, helping decision makers lead with greater effectiveness.

working with roslyn

Supporting you as a consulting partner should be an easy and effective process.

Working towards a partnership that is transparent, inclusive and accountable, my goal is to embrace an open and honest atmosphere where we can explore the  market realities surrounding your brand and business success.

While the length and complexity of the consulting package offered will differ from client to client, my approach remains simple:


Develop a mutual respect and understanding for your specific business development needs and my ability to provide the level of service and support that you require.

Provide an overarching action plan, summarising insights into your needs and opportunities, outlining the proposed services, time frames and pricing structures.


Implemetation of the proposed services agreement, involving: the collection of data, the assessment and analysis of information, the development of strategic solutions and the documentation of observations, insights and implementation plans.

Reporting & review

The presentation of an official report that presents final strategic solutions and key insights and critical information gathered during the consultative process.

focused for success

creative excellence provides insights for business & marketing strategy

Creative excellence, ce_marketing was formed in 2016 in response to a growing need in the market place for qualified, digital savvy, professional business and marketing consultants, able to help organisations navigate through the complexities of the constantly changing media landscape.

With decades of proven experience as a qualified Marketing Professional, Founder, Roslyn Whately boasts a personal portfolio of brand and business development success that spans across a number of business sectors.

Having worked with and alongside global, national and local businesses of all sizes, Roslyn’s strengths lies in her unique blend of specialist knowledge, experience and creativity.

With a fine eye for visual design and a deep appreciation for business development and consumer behaviour, Roslyn operates at a high level of abstract thinking that develops effective solutions for next level business success.

A clear & logical thinker
Solutions oriented & practical
Creative & imaginative
Rsponsive & personable

brand & business development

strategic planning

integrated marketing

traditional advertising & promotions

content management 

events & public relations

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Professional CONSULTANT


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