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strategic marketing for a competitive edge

Embrace the new marketing paradigm.

Just in the past decade alone, digital technology has dramatically changed the face of marketing, placing unforeseen demands on marketers across the globe to master and exploit these changes at the tempo at which they occur.

As the pace of technology continues to double year on year, this new era of exponential change has given way to a redefined marketing paradigm.

With quick and easy access to more that just fancy advertising campaigns and well scripted visual content, this digital explosion has paved the way for a new wave of authenticity and transparency in marketing that have become the ‘new’ nonnegotiable fundamentals of every organisation and brands business success.

More than just a ‘king’ your customer has now become your business success ‘navigator’ with digital road maps available 24/7 at a click of a button.

Time to build a unified and seamless experiences for your customers

In this highly complex, omnichannel consumer market place, you are not alone if you’re finding it quite difficult to break away from the clutter and the noise of your competitive environment to promote your profitable sweet spot.

Just two years into a global pandemic and we have already experienced a transformational shift in consumer expectations, the impact of which does not discriminate against brand influence, size or availability.

As the lines between physical and digital continue to blur, so to does the need for brand marketers to design and deliver seamless ‘human customer’ experiences which acknowledge that purchase decisions are less focused on individual product benefits and more centered on each brand and organisations values and behaviours.

At ce_marketing our goal is to provide high level strategic insights and marketing experiences to leverage technology and data to create clear and concise advertising and promotional campaigns that resonate with post COVID consumer expectations across all marketing channels.

transformational marketing

Pillars for a new decade

With customer engagement so critically positioned at the nucleus of business growth and success, organisations are  revisiting the role that marketing plays within their structures both internally and externally.

The key objective here is to strengthen the foundational pillars needed to drive the transformational change  leading into the new decade.

Customer centric

With competition at an all time high, gaining and winning customer satisfaction has now become paramount both on and offline.  With personalisation at the helm, marketers who not only listen to their customers but more importantly provide them with consistent and seamless experiences across all channels will be greatly rewarded.

Data driven

Personalised customer experiences stems from a deeper and more meaningful personal insight. Organisations rich in data with the skilled resources to align meaningful insights to dynamic business solutions will be the ones who gain positive inroads into effective marketing. More than just measuring campaign effectiveness, new paradigm marketers will have the refined skills to collect, store, transmit and generate market intelligence from the massive amounts of data at hand.

Content creative

With flashy pictures and attention-grabbing headlines no longer enough, content management has become a critical strategic function across every aspect of an organisation’s success. Full content marketing teams including ‘journalist’ type specialists developing and disseminateing quality content at scale, are now needed to maintain a healthy 24/7 customer experience across mulitple channels.

Targeted Technology

Boasting more mobile phones than toothbrushes, it’s hard to image that the global growth of digital technologies can continue at the same rate. Yet, as customers become better connected, developments in marketing technologies are needed to keep pace with current levels of engagement while leading the way through to the new personalised initiatives required to meet changing consumer expectations.

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Next Level Marketing Solutions

Branding & Positioning

Refining brand identity for consistency, clarity and focus.

Maximising brand value through customer relevance & competitive distinctiveness.



Business Development

Aligning marketing and brand strategies with the organisations overarching business goals.

Optimising return on investment and budget performance.



Website Optimisation

Promoting organic website optimisation through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques.

Creating and managing content as an asset supportive of business growth goals.



Digital Effectiveness

Optimising digital opportunities through campaign development: paid search, social media, enews & blogs.

Maximising return on digital ad spend through tracking & performance assessment.



Marketing Coaching

Providing specialist coaching for strategic planning, development & implementation of effective marketing plans

Optimizing the reach and success of advertising and promotional campaigns across all offline and online channels.



Not for Profit Marketing

Providing specialist insights and experience to build and expand: fundraising capability, donor and sponsor support.

Optimising digital and social media impact through Google Grants.




Franchise Marketing

Providing specialist insights for sustainable franchise business success.

Supporting franchisees with local area advertising and promotional planning and implementation through training and coaching.



Speaker & Communicator

Delivering content that is timely, relevant and on point.

Utilising effective storytelling to demystify the complex issues facing marketers and business leaders today in a personal, authentic and engaging manner.



21st Century Solutions

Creating unified & seamless experiences for your customers

Discover how an integrated approach can help you leverage your business success both online and off.