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Brand equity

Bridging the gap between perception and reality.

At ce_marketing we believe that great designs and impresive advertising campaigns don’t always equate to effective branding outcomes.

While the creation and essence of a brand sits beautifully within the pages of its style guide and the imagination of its developer, true brand identity lives and evolves in the hearts and minds of the people who come into contact with it.

Our passion is to work with brand managers to review and refine their organisations brand management strategy in line with 21st century consumer behaviour.

We appreciate that every touchpoint be it online or off, is an invitation for brand awareness and our purpose is to develop the strong branding foundation needed to continue to drive effective business outcomes.

branding & consumer perception

Personal perception makes it possible for two people to look at the same brand and see two different things.

Our Speciality

Branding Audit

The process of branding is like a living organism that continues to evolve regardless of how we feed it.

More than a name, a logo, a slogan, the latest advert, Instagram or tweet, a brand is the sum of all that is perceived by those who come into contact with it.

As an independent, external consultant, creative excellence supports brand managers with valuable insights generated from an unbiased brand audit that considers all of the critical elements needed for effective brand positioning inline with sustainable business growth goals.


At ce_marketing we understand that strong, leading brands don’t just happen overnight, they are the direct result of a deliberate strategic approach undertaken by organisations who remain vigilant to the changing needs and perceptions of their target markets.


While a brand may launch with a clear and articulate message, too often the passing of time and the addition of marketing channels can add unnecessary layers of complexity to the simplicity and uniqueness of the brand story within the market place. At ce_marketing we help identify those areas where brand identity is losing its positioning and impact.


Too often, as brand custodians, we operate under a distorted perspective of how our brand is actually being perceived within the marketplace. If we are able to pinpoint the key areas where brand reality and consumer perception have drifted apart, we can then develop strategies to realign brand awareness and consumer engagement.


For too many years branding matters have remained neatly secured within the walls of the marketing department. At ce_marketing we understand that branding success requires more than the just the decision of a marketing or communication manager. An important participative process branding involves whole organisation and the wider stakeholder investment.


At ce_marketing we recognise that branding must be established as a critical part of an organisations management strategies that integrates across every level. Unless there is a clear leading voice supported by top level brand ambassadors, an organisation will struggle to maintain its brand identity, essence and promise long term.

Our Branding Audit Process

 Insights for Strategic Solutions



Systematically work through a framework of observations and information collection needed to establish a ‘real time’ view of how the brand is positioned and perceived within the marketplace.

The focus during this stage is to review:

Brand positioning
Brand collateral
Brand assets
Brand competitiveness
Brand management


Create a workable strategic plan which will empower brand managers to pursue optimum brand performance within the marketplace.

The focus during this stage is to consider key branding elements such as:

Brand positioning
Target marketing
Visual presentation
Content management
Searchability & access points


Present the final Brand Audit Report and overview the key insights that led to the development of the strategic framework.

Our expectation during this process is that key leaders within the organisaton will engage in open and honest discussions.

The focus during this stage is on:


experienced brand builder

 25+ Years of Banding Success

From fast moving consumer goods to exclusive high end, luxury furniture, Roslyn Whately at ce_marketing holds significant expertise in rebranding and repositioning leading global, national and local brands.

Her extensive experience across a number of industry sectors developed through marketing and brand building success with house hold brands such as: Piaf Perfumery, Wendy’s Supa Sunday, Mission Australia, wokinabox, Transforma, Australian String Quartet and Challenging Thinking.

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Businesses are no longer the sole creator of a brand; it is co-created by consumers through shared experiences and defined by the results of online searches and conversations.Brian Solis

Effective Branding

Bridging the gap between perception and reality

Learn more about your customers and how they are impacting your business success.